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New battery charger meets all needs

A SUITCASE-sized multi-function high efficiency three phase HF charger for charging a range of batteries from a single unit has been launched.

It’s up to 94 per cent efficient and comes complete with a three-year warranty from Northampton-based UK charger specialist, Curtis Instruments.

TEMPOs will charge a range of input voltages and ampere hour ratings from 36 to 48V and 72V to 80V, 10 to 130A in just two models. This is perfect for dealers as it offers true flexibility; easy programming from a single button on the front of the charger takes a matter of seconds and it means you stock just two chargers rather than a whole range.

A special integrated desulphation mode helps keep batteries in top condition and ensures charging, even when the battery is deeply discharged. Resonant technology and a smart fan design, providing clean filtered airflow, keep the transformer 20 per cent cooler than other HF chargers, making it stable and reliable with an increased lifespan over its contemporaries.

A unique colour changing Curtis logo gives a charge status, visible from a distance across the charge bay or workshop.

The TEMPO is ideal for use in all material handling or general industrial battery powered vehicle applications and boasts a range of other clever features not mentioned here that should make it worth investigating further.

Northampton-based Curtis UK is a leader in the supply of electric vehicle drive systems, a full range of audible and visual safety equipment suitable for use on forklifts, pallet trucks, electric vehicles, construction equipment and on-road vehicles.

Visit www.curtisinst.co.uk or call 01604 885201 to learn more.

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